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The Guilford Mask Project is a 501 (c) non-profit. We’re working to provide local and global communities with free reusable masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Together, we can protect ourselves & keep our communities safe.


Masks Donated

NEWS UPDATE: We are exited to announce our founder Jana Yan has been selected to join The Pad Project 2021-2022 Ambassador Program. The project’s mission is to create and cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and empower all menstruators worldwide. We are excited to join this diverse international group. We are ready to make a difference and work together to end menstrual stigma, expand access to educational opportunities, and create lasting change. (August, 2021)

Menstrual Pad Project Campaign

Collaborating with Mali Rising, Guilford Mask Project is working to end period poverty in Mali and beyond. The lack of access to hygiene management education and proper sanitation tools forces young girls out of school for days at a time. As young girls grow up in Mali, they are met with a challenge. Specifically, their menstruation cycle. Not only is this a milestone in their personal lives but also a limitation. The lack of access to necessary feminine products forces girls to stay home for days. (May 2021)

Pad Kits Donated

Kinisou Chapur from Akoyikoyi School!

Kinisou chapur! I just want to thank each and everyone in Ship-Hoops & Akoyikoyi School for the effort of making this amazing video for me! Thank you for all the thoughtfulness and heartfelt messages in your handwritten notes. I also want to thank the teachers and volunteers in Akoyikoyi, who are often the unsung heroes who work quietly on the front line tending to the children’s well-being during this crisis. Thanks again!

the Science behind the mask

Public health experts and scientists agree that wearing facial coverings can help slow the spread of COVID-19. The resources below outline how to wear them safely, as well as health benefits of wearing facial coverings.